The Two Idiots Soccer Podcast

Episode 9: Implications of City’s UCL Loss on the EPL Run-In

April 19, 2019

David discusses the implications of Manchester City's loss to Spurs and takes a deeper dive into the VAR controversy surrounding Llorente's goal. In short, he doesn't think this changes much. City's toughest matches were always going to be Saturday and Wednesday, with the lighter ones coming later in the season. They still have to win both games--Saturday v Spurs and Wednesday @ Manchester United in order to win the title. Liverpool's path to their first EPL crown is much easier, but will the two matches v Barcelona hurt their chances. David says not really, they still have to win out against much lighter competition in the league. Nothing's changed. Except now City's emotionally, physically, and mentally exhausted after that tough loss to Spurs in the Champions League quarter-finals. If they can recover quickly and beat Spurs and United, then they deserve the title. If not, well, they could have to settle for second best. 

And for Llorente's goal, there really shouldn't be much conversation. It wasn't a handball and the rule that everyone is pointing to doesn't exist yet. Basically the point is moot and the goal should, as it does, stand. 

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